Wednesday, March 15, 2006

He bangs

I played Tuesday night with the man, the myth, the legend. That’s right readers…it’s William Hung.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, here’s four words for you: American Idol & “She Bangs.”

It hadn’t been a good day. I busted out of the $330 NLHE about halfway through and lost some river suckouts in the 10-20 game to drop another $200. I was taking it easy in a $4-$8 game when I heard Hung was in the room, so I decided to get on the list for the $2-$4 game.

You may recall that Hung parlayed his 15 minutes of Idol fame into a recording contract where he butchered some other cheesy pop songs. He’s continuing that parlay. Hung said he’s in town to play a private concert tomorrow night at a conference center in town and I had to wonder how that works. Does he sing a selection of cover songs and then comes back for an encore to sing “She Bangs?”

Hung may have made the most success of mediocrity than any person since Pauly Shore.

And yes, he’s just as geeky in person as you might suspect, but he gets plenty of attention. A group of poker personnel that had just finished their shifts invited him to sing karaoke with them.

“That’s not really my thing,” he said.

Others came up for photos and autographs. The real question: does he get the women?

A dealer who had never heard of the kid, asked him about his success.

"They said you were on American Idol. How did you do?"

"Pretty good," was Hung's reply.

Sure, kid.

When Hung checkraised a guy in front of him, I couldn’t resist. “He bangs,” I said.

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