Friday, February 20, 2009

Battle of the Bloggers 4 is coming soon

If you haven't been to Al's site head over RIGHT NOW to get the skinny on BBT4. I don't know about you guys, but I've been highly anticipating this event. If I could come even remotely close to duplicating my success in BBT3 I will be very happy. Looks like the fields may be bigger this time and the schedule now runs Sunday-Wednesday each week. I was hoping it might be less time intensive this year, but one the flip side the more events we get to play the less the variance on the monthly leaderboards. My only gripe is that the overall points leader for the three months will not receive a main event seat, which I had hoped would change this time. Minor gripe, though, and kudos to Al for setting up another fantastic event for us.

Otherwise it's been a mediocre month of poker for in February. I had no luck in FTOPS and have played little since. When I have a few weeks in the red I tend to take a break from the game to lick my wounds, so to speak. I agree with those who say it doesn't do you any good to put in a lot of hours at poker if they are "bad" hours where you are not playing at your best.