Monday, May 11, 2015

Essential Guide to Las Vegas During the World Series of Poker

Hey look! I'm not dead!

I do apologize for letting the blog fall by the wayside, it having now been dark for about 16 months. Since I last wrote my baby girl has gotten much bigger, which tends to happen when you go from 4 months to 20 months. My son is now 5 and I am 38, but maybe feel like 48.

There was also some poker. I bombed out at the WSOP last year, taking my worse summer loss ever, mainly because I took a shot at a bracelet event and some other decent-sized tournaments. On the positive side, I now participate in a local underground game featuring some of the worst players I've ever had the pleasure to face on the felt.

This quick post is mainly, however, to promote my new ebook on the Amazon Kindle store. Essential Guide to Vegas During the World Series of Poker is pretty much what the title describes: a guide to all you need to know about poker and Vegas in general while the WSOP is taking place, with tips on hotels and airfare and how to best plan and spend your poker bankroll.

It's just $2.99 in the store, of if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for free.

Please check it out, and thanks.