Thursday, July 12, 2012

Harrah's Hotel 3535 coming soon to the Las Vegas Strip?

I got an interesting email from Harrah's Total Rewards yesterday asking me to complete a survey about a potential new casino hotel on the Strip.

I assume this would be in the location of the recently closed O'Shea's, across the street from Caesars Palace. The survey mentions the name Hotel 3535, but I'm not sure if this is potentially a real name or just an idea they're throwing out there. The survey questions respondents frequently on the name itself. (I panned it.)

Among the questions I found interesting were this one:
Which type of casino would you think a casino named “Hotel 3535” would be?

Type 1 (Similar to casinos like Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Wynn, Venetian, Cosmopolitan)

Type 2 (Similar to casinos like Planet Hollywood, Mandalay Bay, Paris)

Type 3 (Similar to casinos like Harrah’s, TI, NY NY, Monte Carlo, Rio)

Type 4 (Similar to casinos like Excalibur, Tropicana, Stratosphere)
I found it insightful how Harrah's evidently categorizes its own Vegas properties. I wonder how the execs there would describe each of these categories.

There was also this:
Here is a description of this new casino and what it would look like inside.

This new casino fuels connection among friends, visitors, and social networks by immersing guests in a world of energetic and eclectic experiences.

The new casino is home to a unique and diverse collection of restaurants, bars, and entertainment experiences that welcome everyone. Guests can fill up on food with a twist, at their choice of lively dining establishments and experience even more entertainment on the casino floor, where the one-of-a-kind dealertainers steal the show. Or they can spend the night bar-hopping with friends new and old as they uncover different and distinct scenes. And with its prime location in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, guests of this new casino can see, do, and share even more as they explore the destination for socializing, for energizing, and for orchestrating a complete Las Vegas experience.

With something different and intriguing around every corner, this new casino is a gathering place full of accessible yet unexpected discoveries so guests can create and share their unique Las Vegas adventure.
Honestly, I told them it sounded like half of the existing places on the Strip.

I liked this one too:
Now we'd like you to pretend you are an investor of this new casino and you have 12 new ideas to invest in across various activities, amenities, events, etc., available at this property. As an investor, your goal is to attract as many guests to this new casino. Which idea would you invest in first, second, third and so on? Please rank the ideas from most appealing to least appealing.

Pop-up restaurants (i.e., temporary/limited availability outlets featuring local and/or up and coming chefs)

Open lounges with big/oversized couches to encourage socializing

Provide photo booths throughout the property connected to screens that stream guest photos. Guests could also upload these photos to Facebook directly from the photo booth.

A scavenger hunt throughout the property

Interactive and artistic installations

Public auditions to be a dealertainer

Telephones on gaming tables throughout the property that connect to each other to stimulate conversation

Print Tic-tac-toe and Hangman game boards on cocktail napkins

Sponsor a local roller derby

Beer pong tournaments
It would appear from the survey that Harrah's might incorporate ideas from its other properties, such as O'shea's beer pong tournaments or Imperial Palace's Dealertainers into its new property.

The survey also included some renderings: