Monday, March 31, 2008

No Biloxi Blues

I've been down in Biloxi since Friday, coming to the Gulf Coast to do some work for Rounder at the end of the Spring Break Poker Classic at the Beau and the beginning of the IP Poker Classic at the IP. It's been an enjoyable trip so far. I'd never spent any significant time here at the Beau Rivage. It really is a very nice casino. Glyn Banks, a good poker player from Tennessee, called it a "mini-Bellagio, only instead of a desert view you get an ocean view." So true.

I've played very little poker here, and it was intentionally as I mostly came to work. On Friday night, Evert and I headed down to the Hard Rock, which is right beside the Beau. It was about to open when Katrina hit and they repaired it quickly (unlike some casinos it was not completely destroyed). The Hard Rock is also impressive, with a high wall of memorabilia as soon as you walk through the front doors. We played some $1-$2 NL. I lost $25 over three hours after getting up about $140 quickly. I never seem to be able to hold on to chips lately...

Just did a lot of hanging out Saturday, getting some flavor from the start of the $2,100 main event, and drinking some beers at the Eight75 club during a Rounder meet and greet. Did play some $10-$20 Omaha Hi Lo w/ a half kill and won $165.

Today I spent most of the day working on the quick 400-500 word report on this tournament that they'll slap in the mag tomorrow just before sending it to press. I also worked on the Rounder Recap, a daily report we will do each day at the IP sort of likes the ones at the WSOP, though not quite so comprehensive.

Tim Hebert of Lafayette, La., won the main event for a $106,000 score. I actually ran down to interview him during the blogger tournament tonight right before the second break. I ran back up and got back just after the third hour started. Good thing I squeezed the tournament in as I made the points by finishing 11th. It appears I have FINALLY moved into first for the month as I see the minimum anyone has gotten in any event for pointing is 40. That means I should have at least a 15 point lead over twoblackaces going into the final event Monday night. Now, can I hold on? If he points in the last event and I don't the $2,000 package will be his. Some others like Lucko and TiltAway are still in it if they can win Monday. Should be a good finish.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I'll actually play some poker in town as I should finally have significant free time. I plan to drive down to Gulfport and back just to see how Biloxi looks these days during its still long recovery.

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