Friday, March 14, 2008

In the penalty box

OK, this is a bit embarassing, but since I'm open about most things I will reveal that due to some overly emotional outings on Full Tilt Poker in which I got into it with other players and used some not so nice words online I have had my chat banned for a month.

To be honest, I think they are doing me a favor. When I struggle at poker, as I have done this week, I release a lot of negative energy through the words I type into the chat box. I don't really tilt any more. I have gotten that under control, at least, but I do jaw back and forth with people sometimes, and it probably gotten out of control during this past week.

So if any of your fellow BBT players are reading this, now you know why I haven't uttered a peep recently, and will not utter a peep until mid to late April.

Last night, I narry had a chance to say a word anyway as I went out on the first hand with jacks against aces. I still haven't figured out why I went all in. I KNEW he had me beat. I blame "Lost" for distracting me. Damn that 8 p.m. CST start time on Thursday nights! So after four tournaments in a row of finishing in the points I finished dead last on attempt number five. Lucko made top 15 and will probably jump ahead of me into third, but at least twoblackaces and columbo also missed the points (in fact, twoblackaces finished just ahead of me in 90th place.)

In light of my chat being banned, here is an interesting encounter that took place the day before my chat was taken away. This was a $3/$6 Omaha Hi-Lo game and Oklajohnny had just put a beat on PrimNProper (a oh so not fitting name):

PrimNProper: nice chase johhny
PrimNProper: clown
Oklajohnny: yes I have too much fun sometimes
Oklajohnny: chasing cards
PrimNProper: cause ur a fish and don't knoe when ur beat
Oklajohnny: yes, but I try to stay happy
Oklajohnny: my wife is still working
TuscaloosaJohn: that's gpod
PrimNProper: but ur still a DOUCHEBAG
TuscaloosaJohn: no prim, that would make YOU the douchebag

Probably me butting in with comments like this in other people's conversations didn't help with the whole chat ban thing...

Oklajohnny: Is that a German company?
Oklajohnny: My mother would not let me talk to bad boys
TuscaloosaJohn: she is wise
Oklajohnny: I am over 80 and she has been gone for a long time now
Oklajohnny: but I still remember what she told me about bad boys
TuscaloosaJohn: this isn't Johnny Hale, is it?

Turns out it was. So you've got some young internet punk calling 80-year-old Johnny Hale a "douchebag", "fish" and "clown" for hitting a card on him in a game of $3/$6. Does this indicate how sick internet poker is or what?

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