Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back from Orlando

Amy was off for spring break last week so we took a little vacation down to Orlando, hitting the Universal parks since we both have done the Disney thing before. The Hulk and Dueling Dragon coasters are excellent. We also took a side trip over to Kennedy Space Center. It's interesting though not too enthralling. It's work a look if you have an extra day in Orlando or are a space junkie (as I used to be and sort of still am).

I missed the Monday blogger tournament, but caught the other three last week. It's been a mixed bag. Including last night's 15th-place finish, I've made the points in four straight events (and eight of the last nine after bombing the first four) but I'm not making up much ground. Four tournaments in a row I've either taken bad beats late or have gotten cold decked. I haven't made the money in any of those four so I'm not finishing high enough to get the big points. Knocking off 40 or 50 points at a time will not win the monthly prize and twoblackaces is still ahead of me by 130-140 points. I think I will be in second after the results from last night are tallied, moving me slightly ahead of lucko, with corron breathing down our necks after his win last night (his second in the series!) It should be an interesting finish...

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I'm going to take the time as I did in 2006 to put together a guide to WSOP online satellites. I'll also slap together a guide to Vegas during the WSOP, so if you've never been before maybe I can be of some service to you.

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