Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hump Day Report

My wife reminded me last night that yesterday was our seven-month anniversary. Apparently, I am supposed to remember every time that the 25th rolls around that was have our monthly anniversaries.

"You don't have to get me a present every month," she said, "just every other month."

These blogger tournaments are driving me insane. I pointed the Razz event last night (heck, even made the money this time), finishing in 10th. Of course, twoblackaces made the points yet again, going out just behind me in 13th. At least I made up some ground on him when it looked early on that he might just clinch the monthly leaderboard last night as a top chip stack midway through the tournament. With three events left I figure to be about 100 behind him so there is work to do.

Our poker player profile lineup this month in Rounder is not as thrilling as the James Woods/Freddy Deeb combo of March. For the April issue I interviewed Allen Kessler, Brandon Cantu and Young Phan. We did get Cantu right after his Bay 101 win so that's a timely interview for us.

I'm now mapping out my articles for the next two issues. Other than trying to finish an article I have been working on about husbands and wives who both play tournament poker, I'm not sure what I'll do for May. I think June is going to be our big World Series of Poker preview issue, which I think will be fantastic. I've already interviewed Jerry Yang for it and hope to get Lee Childs. Last November when I was at Coushatta I interviewed Dimitri Nobles, but he was such a fleeting face I'm not sure if he is worthy of major coverage (though he is very nice).

For feature articles, I already have two in the can. The first is a look at old WSOP events that no longer exist and the likelihood they will ever be brought back. They range from the likely (Ace to Five Draw Lowball) to the possibly (Chinese Poker) to the very, very, very unlikely (Five Card Stud). That was a fun one I wrote last year while at the WSOP, saving it for the future. The second article is one I wrote three(!) years ago that Bluff had no interest in. It's a look at The Andy Bloch Project, in which tournament reporter Tom Sims got Andy to let him stand behind him and record his cards during the main event of the 1998 WSOP. Sims in a sense was a precursor to hole card cameras. I also plan a guide to Vegas during the WSOP (some of which you will get on here dear readers). Hopefully, we can also do the monthly Q & A with WSOP tournament director Jack Eiffel.

I will be heading down to Biloxi this weekend to do some work for Rounder. The Beau Rivage is currently hosting the Spring Break Poker Classic and the IP will host their own Poker Classic next week for two weeks. We're doing some daily tournament reports for them similar to what you see at the WSOP so I am putting those together next Monday-Wednesday.

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surflexus said...

Have fun at The Beau! TripJax will be there this weekend also. He'll be the guy with the funny T-shirt sitting behind the monster stack.