Friday, May 15, 2009

TJ'S BBT Player of the Week

Really, I did not create the Player of the Week award so I could vigorously pat myself on the back, but, well, here we go again.

For the week I made the points three times, with two final tables -- a third in Brit Blogger and fifth in Skillz. The 17th place finish in the Mookie was just enough to squeak into the points and take a slight lead over qrs1 for the May leaderboard at the halfway point of the month. I was actually as proud of that finish as just about any final table I've had. It seemed nothing was going right for me in that thing early (including getting one outted on the river), but then I pushed in with A2 after several limpers and was called by AQ and sucked out. The sucking out I'm not proud of, but I was able to maintain my stack with no good hands and somehow make the top 25 percent. By all accounts I had no business being there.

TJ's BBT Player of the Week for Week 11? TJ!


KenP said...

Station employees and members of their family are not...


1Queens Up1 said...

lol at Ken.

Im planning at least one more week for me, so just get it ready ;)

Good job bud.

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

I also forgot to post what a pain in the @SS it was having BamBam on my left. He treated me like his personal rag doll.

BWoP said...