Sunday, May 03, 2009

Calling all Vegas traveling bloggers!

Please use the comments under this post to post your travel dates and plans. Let's discuss our schedules so we can plan a get-together during our time in Vegas this summer...

I still haven't set my exact plan, but I'm looking in the time frame of the last week of June and first of July, probably going and coming sometime between Father's Day and Indpendence Day.


1Queens Up1 said...

06/25/09 - 07/01/09

playing event 51 06/27/09

Jeremy said...

As of right now, here are my tournament plans for my Vegas trip. June 17-22
June 17- $200 O/8 limit at Binions
June 18- $300 NLHE at Caesar's
June 19- $300 NLHE at Caesar's
June 20- $500 NLHE Venetian
June 21-$500 NLHE at Caesar's
There is a $500 PLO at Venetian on the 19th that I will try to satellite into, as well as the 1k buy-in tourney on the 21st. I still haven't ruled out playing event 39 at the WSOP on the 20th. I may try to satellite in or I will need to win a seat or have another big cash in a MTT to be able to do so

Jennifer said...

I'll be there for the entirety of the WSOP. :)

BWoP said...

I'll be around :-)

CEMfromMD said...

6/11 - 6/14 Playing Event #26

lj said...

duration of the series for me, although i'll be gone the w/e of may 30/31.

jamyhawk said...

I'm in 6/12-6/16

playing in event #28