Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Calling all Vegas bloggers Part 2

Instead of adding to the existing post that will continue to sink further to the bottom of the blog I will just keep making a new one as we discuss summer travel plans. Here are travel schedules as I know them:

CEMfromMD 6/11-6/14
Shabazz Jenkins 6/17-6/22
lightning36 6/18-6/24 (tentative)
Me 6/22-7/3
QueensUp 6/25-7/1

And among those in Vegas for the duration of the WSOP include: LJ, Al, Otis, Pauly, Dan M., CK, F-Train, Change100...

The third week of June appears to be a sweet spot for meetups. Thoughts? Places? Dates?

Be sure to take advantage of the deal listed below here and extend your stay if you can.


PokerShrink said...

I am now booked for the duration of the WSOP, so I am on for any meet up, any time.

jamyhawk said...

Dont forget MOOKIE FROG DAY.

Be a frog avatar for the MOOKIE tonight!