Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Party Poker blog, Hoyt's BBQ and Wil's wee wee

Dan Michalski has assembled a team of six or either poker bloggers to cover the World Series of Poker for sponsor Party Poker. My job is to provide color and commentary from around the WSOP and Vegas regarding the WSOP. That’s what I’ll be doing in addition to this blog for the next several weeks. So check it out at www.pokerblog.com.

I met Gary Wise on Monday at the Rio. I haven’t mentioned his site yet, but I’ve sent him a few things for his new Web site, which we hope will grow by leaps and bounds in the near future. Read his site and my stuff there at www.wisehandpoker.com.

I got the email from Hoyt (or probably Natalee since Hoyt can’t type for shit…like I can’t play poker for shit) last night for his BBQ party on Saturday. They’re flying the stuff in from Memphis. I should have brought some Dreamland sauce from Tuscaloosa. If only I’d known…

Most of the bloggers have left town, but most of us still remaining met up at the “hooker” bar at the Rio on Monday night. It was good fun drinking beers and sharing stories. Wil Wheaton was there during the dinner break for the $1,000. I introduced myself as Johnny Kampis and then said I’m known as “Tuscaloosa” Johnny and then he knew who I was. For a blog that gets two hits a month, I was amazed at the number of bloggers who had heard of me prior to the weekend.

Wil seems like a great guy, but to me he’ll always be the kid with the leech on his wee wee. It’s an image a guy can’t get out of his head.

Poker wise, Monday was a good day. I sat in two 1-2 NL games and raked in about $450. I think I’m about even for the trip, but I’ll have to do some calculations. I still haven’t played any satellites at the Rio or been to the Orleans for their tournaments, but I expect to do both on Wednesday with more time to burn.

I need to get started writing for Dan, so the post ends here.

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