Thursday, July 20, 2006

Alexander makes an appearance

As promised, I made my way to the Golden Nugget poker room again Wednesday night. I was seated beside a gentleman named Larry who was used as an extra in this new poker movie "The Grand" that's in production in a ballroom in the casino.

Larry said he and two friends are staying at the Nugget and were asked if they wanted to participate in the filming, so they jumped at the chance. The three friends were seated at a poker table in the background while the film's stars sat at the main table.

Larry and his pals earned $56 for their day of work on Monday. Oh, to be a highly paid extra.
As we were chatting, I spotted Jason Alexander at the floorman's desk, looking for a game. Alexander sported his usual eyeglasses, plus a beard and a fanny pack that made him look like a middle-aged woman ready to tackle a slot machine followed by a buffet at the El Cortez.

Unfortunately, our no limit game was full so the former Mr. George Costanza was seated at the other NL game in the room. It was unsurprising then that half our table asked for a table change when seats came open on the other table.

The dynamic quickly changed when a seat opened in our game and a middle-aged Asian woman sat down with $300 and the line, "I've never played before."

She proceeded to quickly give that money away (nearly all of it to Larry) and dig into her purse for more.

"I'm not going to need that table change anymore," Larry said as the floorman Adrian walked by.

I guess money trumps celebrity every time.

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Slim1Der said...

LOL does Alexander still have the classic "horseshoe" pattern in his head?
What NL game was he playing?