Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Over/under three hours?

Once again the under wins. If you'd bet the under every time I've played a World Series bracelet event you would be 3-0. Didn't get outplayed or make a boneheaded blunder. I just didn't catch any cards, yet again. Well, let me clarify. I did catch a couple hands, but at the wrong times...T-T and raise to 300 after a couple of limpers with 25-50 blinds and get mini-raised to 600 by a guy with 400 behind (tell me that's not a monster hand, so I lay down)...and the last hand I push all in 800 with J-J into the 50-100 blinds and guy goes over the top with kings...say goodnight Gracie.

Just never had any chips.

Meanwhile, John Phan is sucking out on everyone at the table behind me and builds a monster stack of about 10K in two hours. Must be nice to be lucky...

The poker playing celebrities were also in full force at the Rio Tuesday as James Woods and Jennifer Tilly were playing on tables near me.

I sat down to play a $275 satellite after my bust out. Apparently, Woods wasn’t far behind as I saw him go from satellite table to satellite table telling anyone who would listen that his aces were cracked by ace-king.

Meanwhile, Jerry Buss, the owner of the Lakers and probably the richest man in the room, wandered through the aisles in his standard poker gear of worn out blue jeans and untucked shirt waiting for a satellite to start.

Satellite director Margie Fasold tried to help this $660 buy in seven-card stud satellite begin by announcing, “If you want to play a well-known personality, Jerry Buss, owner of the Lakers, is sitting over here on table 106. If you want a lesson in stud, Jerry will give it to you.”

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