Monday, July 24, 2006

Johnny Kampis, come on down?

Sadly I didn't get to go to contestants' row, but we did attend a taping of The Price is Right today. Since we only got three hours of sleep last night (had to get in line at 3 a.m.) and traveled back to Vegas this afternoon, I'm pretty tired and will try to blog about the trip tomorrow.

I will leave you with this Bob Barker gem, however. The 82-year-old host fields questions during breaks in the action and one audience member asked him about his role in "Happy Gilmore." For the unenlightened, Barker gets in a fight with Adam Sandler's character and kicks his ass.

"We were going to do Happy Gilmore 2," Barker said, "but Adam Sandler's doctor said he couldn't take another beating like that."

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Poker? Herzog? The Price Is Right?

Had I known these things before Kmart would have been a much better experience.