Saturday, March 11, 2006

A post two months too late

"Imagination is at the heart of poker. Just as there is no right way to write a song or paint a picture, there is no right way to play poker. The best players are experimenting and adjusting all the time. The beauty of the game lies in this ever-shifting landscape, and it keeps us interested each time we sit down." --Erik Seidel

That quote I lifted from Iggy's last blog post, not because I was deeply moved or affected by it, but just to juxtapose it with this quote:

"Erik Seidel is a pussy!" --Iggy

Sadly, I did not blog about my last night in Tunica, after my paltry $1,250 tournament win and insane head cold had me ready to head home. But trust me, it was a fun evening, hanging out with Iggy, Otis, Badblood, CJ and Gordon, talking poker and playing Roshambo.

We give $60 to Gordon to sit down and try to buy into the $400-$800 limit game at the Gold Strike with Mimi Tran, Hasan Habib and a few others.

"You can't sit here," I believe Chad Brown told young Gordon as he spread three Action Jacksons across the felt.

But the highlight of the evening for me was Iggy's two attempts to get Seidel to play Roshambo with him as he walked by.

"That's really not my thing," Seidel said as he strolled by on the later attempt.

As Seidel started descending the escalator, Iggy shouted that previous quote. Those present nearly rolled.

Anyway, that's the story in brief.

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