Thursday, March 23, 2006

A hand from a WPC event

I posted this hand on RGP minutes ago. It's how I busted out of a tourney the other day. This play could be questioned, but most of my other defeats were just plain bad luck (I promise.)

Earlier this week I'm playing in a $330 NLHE event at the World Poker Challenge in Reno when this hand occurs. Comments and criticisms are welcomed and appreciated.

I'm dealt Q-K in the BB when big bully raises from the cutoff seat. Our bully has won some monster pots and has about 6,000 in chips (we started with 1,500) and makes it 150 to go on the 25-50 blinds. I call to see a flop. It comes T-T-5 (rainbow) and I check to bully. He bets 250. I think he could have anything and I would really like to show some cojones so I call, planning to take the pot on the turn. The turn is a J and I check as planned. He bets another 250, a bet that seems to just want me to go away. I pause and then check-raise all in for another 700. I had hardly played a hand and hoped he had noticed my tight image. I think he has to believe I have a T or J and fold given his less than 3 to 1 pot odds. Guess not.

He calls with 8-8.

The river is a blank and IGHN...or up to my room anyway.

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