Monday, March 27, 2006

The main event begins

Finally, it feels like a real poker tournament is taking place here. There was action. There was urgency. There was Eric Lindren hugging Evelyn Ng and giving Carlos Mortensen a high five. There was Barry Greenstein walking through the room carrying a couple of copies of his book.

And once again, I'm left on the curb. Still disheartened from my bad luck, I didn't even attempt either of the two mega satellites that were held on Sunday. Like Ted and Stephen, I plan to re-focus my energy toward the WSOP. Hopefully, I can win a seat in the main event, as well as some other tournament entries online in the next few months.

Ted just missed getting his seat in today's main event last night and so decided to take off this morning on his seven hour drive back home to Oregon. I'll miss the old fellow. He would make a good father figure -- if my father were a pervert.

We plan to room again in Vegas, at either Binion's or the Plaza.

I saw Hoyt again today, but he didn't have time to talk as the tournament was about to begin. T.J. Cloutier told me last night that he would talk with me this morning, but I didn't see him until he was already seated and ready for the tournament to begin.

"Guess I'll have to catch you another time," I said as I walked up to him.

"I'll be around," he replied. "I've got to teach this WPT Boot Camp after this thing is over."

Other than that, I've just sat up in my room all day, playing online poker. I figured out I can get net access for $11 a day so I decided to take it easy today and use my computer.

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