Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vegas plans

It's now five days and counting until my trip to Vegas Monday afternoon and night. I always like to fly in at night if possible, when the city is lit up and at its most beautiful. It's a tough adjustment to go from the mindset I had in Nicaragua to get my poker game face on for Vegas, but I have this week to prepare. Watched some Ocean's 11 Tuesday, probably watching my old 2004 WSOP event DVD later this week.

Like many of you, I've had some problems with the recent money grab by the feds, but it looks like I'll be able to get my bankroll out and ready to play next week. I hope that this overstep by the NY DA's office will actually help our cause and make the good folks of Congress realize that peer-to-peer online poker (the new buzzword) should be legalized and regulated in the United States.

We made some tentative plans for the 25th, but I would like to nail down some definite (or at least good estimated) times for anyone else who might decide to join us. (I've also sent this as an email to the people who have expressed an interest in this.)

What time do we plan to start playing mixed games at the IP? I figure we ought to cut it off around 9 or so to move west for drinking and bowling. My thoughts are to drink at the Hooker Bar at the Rio as some in the group may have never been to the "legendary" setting, and it might be easier to pick up more for our group among those working at the WSOP. Spend some time there and then walk over to the Gold Coast for bowling. Thoughts?

I recently heard that my good friend Brian and another friend are coming out to Vegas for a couple of days, something like June 28-30. We are planning on playing some poker tournaments at Binion's on the 28th and Venetian on the 29th. If I recall correctly, this will be the first time Brian and I set foot in Binion's at the same time since our first trip to the WSOP in 2004.

By the way, people have left comments or emailed me about helping me with my link and color issue. Please send any helpful hints my way as I am HTML deficient. I have been trying to change my background color in the main heading so that it matches the color of my sidebar, but it always seems to go back to the default color when I preview the changes. What do I need to do to get the colors the same for the main and sidebar? Thanks for the help, and continue to send feedback regarding the 25th.


Jennifer said...

I'll be up for the evening of the 25th. Count me in for hooker bar and bowling.

lj said...

lol the whole time i was reading this post i was like, what is up w/ his font and links? then i got to the last paragraph. unfortunately i can't help. is it the template you're using?

what events are you playing?

PokahDave said...

Go to the 'Customize' link at the top right of the blog, then choose the 'Layout' tab, then choose 'fonts and colors, scroll to the thing you want to change and choose a different color on the list. There is also a 'revert to template default' option. I'm doing this because your link color/blog combo hurts my eyes man!

lj said...

thank you dave, on behalf of all of tj's readers. :-)

PokahDave said...

You shouldn't have to go that far....I think you go the 'Customize' link at the top right...then choose 'layout' tab....then choose 'fonts and colors' under that and a menu should appear. I think you should just change the background color to be the same as the sidebar color. Look for 'Main background color' and make it the same color as the 'Top Sidebar background color'. Hope you can see that and change it as we will all not have to suffer any more :)