Monday, June 01, 2009

Let's talk Vegas meetups Part 4

So the 25th seems to work for several people. I was hoping to send out an email soon with everyone's email and phone numbers for easier communication, so if you want to be on that list and haven't given me your contact info do email me at If you don't want your phone number disseminated among the group please say so. (And if you want CK's SSN shoot me a line.)

Here is who I think are "yeas" among BBT players--

APOSEC72, I have email and no number
SmBoatDrinks, email and no number
Queens Up, got all yours
Lex Luther, no contact info
CK, don't think I have any for you either

Oh, and feel free to also share your first name if you want. Hi, I'm Johnny.

We should have others join us as well. Perhaps some CELEBRITY POKER BLOGGERS!!!

I had suggested dinner, then a handful of hours of mixed games, then drinks and bowling at the Gold Coast (or drinks at the HB in the Rio, the moving over to GC perhaps). CK thought that might be packing in too much, and she may very well be right. I believe her thoughts were skip dinner, go straight to mixed games, then drinking and bowling. I guess it all depends on how much time everyone has and how long they wish to do each activity. Let's start hammering out a more definite schedule so folks will know when to be where. Please leave some comments with timeline suggestions.


1Queens Up1 said...

i think my flight arrives around 3:30 PST, so give me 90 mins to get to the hotel and settled in then im game for whatever.

My buddy Eric and his gf Hope are also flying in later that night, Im thinking I can have them meet up with us for bowling. (He doesnt play cards at all, but i promised to gambool with him)

HighOnPoker said...

Hey TJ. Ever thought about changing your link colors. Both (unclicked and clicked links) are near impossible to read on the blue background. If you want some tech held, lemme know. Or, just leave it. After all, it's just a blog, but I thought I'd offer my assistance.

SmBoatDrinks said...

Hey Johnny, I just replied again w/my info. Hopefully you get it this time.

Looking forward to the 25th,


1Queens Up1 said...


Just wanted to congratulate you on a hard fought BBT and looking forward to hanging out with ya in Vegas.