Monday, April 20, 2009

TJ'S BBT Player of the Week

Better late than never, right? As tempting as it was to give the award to myself:

Tuscaloosa Johnny: "Here's the award for the Player of the Week for Week 7."
Tuscaloosa Johnny: "Why thank you. I knew I would get it."
Tuscaloosa Johnny: "It was well deserved. You are the best BBT player...ever."
Tuscaloosa Johnny: "I know."

After some reflection I gave hoyazo his second Player of the Week award for BBT4. The linchpin was winning The Mookie, which has the largest fields each week. For the week, hoyazo final tabled two events, with a ninth in Riverchasers included. I had a second and a third, but personally docked myself for not pulling out a win and imploding in the Mookie after leading with about 50 players left and managing to finish about 35th. Congrats on a nice week hoyazo.

After not pulling out a win in Week 7, I made up for it with an absolute luckbox victory in the Blogger Big Game yesterday. Never before have I won a tournament in which I so deserved to lose. To wit:

My flopped two pair > Closer's turned flush
Heads Up my K7 > QueensUp's KQ
Heads Up my A9 > QueensUp's AJ

There were another one or two wins as a 3 to 1 dog mixed in there. Any complaints I had about running bad in BBT4 were more than made up for with the good fortune I had on Sunday. QueensUp and I split the money so the victory was about a +$630 uptick. If you're going to run good in the BBT4, aside from the TOC the Blogger Big Game is the best event in which to do it.

Also notable is the win puts me slightly ahead of Shabazz Jenkins for the monthly leaderboard $2K bonus. The race remains very tight with seven events remaining so another handful of final tables will be on my wish list for the next two weeks.


1Queens Up1 said...

Great game last night and I had just as much luckboxery as you so in the grand scheme of things we were even.

You may be leading, but my footsteps are getting louder for April!

GG and GL!

BWoP said...


ElSnarfoGrande said...

Congrats on the win!

Silly me thinking a 4th could help me make up ground on you two. GL for the rest of the month.

lightning36 said...

Congrats. I am not running good in April.