Monday, April 13, 2009

Close one

Just missed in the Sunday Brit Blogger tournament Easter afternoon. Prior to yesterday I had had no luck in this event, but I hung around for awhile, making the final table as the short stack and caught some hands. I misread a bet by Julkeus four-handed as being weak when it was strong, doubling him up and crippling myself. After that I managed to win an all-in or two and won the blinds uncontested to get back in contention. In the end it was Julkeus versus myself in a back-and-forth battle that lasted close to an hour. The short stack kept doubling up until I finally succumbed. Julkeus got his TOC seat so congrats to my very worthy heads-up adversary.

It's amazing to me that after 26 events there has been no repeat winner yet because there honestly aren't that many people who play day in and day out. I sure could have used the extra 70 or so points I would have received for first yesterday in the April points race. Maybe this month I can be in contention instead of a dead duck in the last week.


1Queens Up1 said...

Congrats on a top 2 finish sir, wish i coulda seen it.
GL the rest of the way!

BWoP said...

Between your heads-up match and The Masters, there was plenty to keep me entertained yesterday!