Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crisis of confidence is over!

I have to admit after struggling in March I wasn't feeling too good about my BBT game. I fired up the laptop each Sunday through Wednesday night not really feeling like I was going to have success in that day's BBT event. I ran a little bad and I played a little bad. I called turn all-in check raises with one overpair in hold'em, chased bad draws in stud and then got sucked out on when I was actually on my game.

But hope springs eternal, especially as a new month begins and the leaderboard slate is wiped clean for the next BBT prize. The month started OK for me, but the last two weeks have been better than I could have expected. In the eight BBT events of the last two weeks I have one win, one second, and after last night's Skillz razz tournament, three thirds. The sick run has boosted me to about 588 points to give me a nearly 200 point lead over Shabazz Jenkins on the monthly leaderboard and leaves me about 35 points shy of QueensUp in the now tight race for the overall leaderboard.

I should also note that Amy has been incredibly supportive of my efforts in the BBT. I did not mean to imply in my last post that she was not, only that I may not have been the best husband I could be while focusing on BBT3 last year. In fact, last night before nodding off, she prediced a top five finish for me. She told me this morning after I revealed my result that she really thought I would finish third, but didn't want to say so for fear of possibly offending me by implying that I would not win!

Last night I didn't get involved in a lot of big hands. It seemed like most of the time when I raised on third street and was called my opponent caught a brick on fourth and folded. Three notable hands I remember was once when I started with A236 against Champ Sampson and caught TTT. That hand cripped me. I more than tripled up in one spot against NewinNov and two other opponents (one of whom was shortstacked) when I started with A27, got it all-in and made a 6542A. My bad luck against Champ was made up for against tilt away when he started with something like A235 and caught 333. That built my stack up to around 45K, but then I had no luck when we got down to four players. And the bring ins...oh the bring ins. I don't think I have had nearly this many in any stud game I've played. I think Champ and I pretty much got to open 75% of the pots at our table between us.

So now we have five more events to go in April and I'm feeling good about my game. Bring on The Mookie.


1Queens Up1 said...

Its going to be a fun final month thats for sure, and Im pretty sure you locked up April's POTM, excluding the possiblility that I go on a super heater and win the next 5 games ;)

Hey I didnt mean to make you think you sounded like your wife was unsupportive (if i did?) i was just making a point about the time sink and life alters needed to be successful in the BBT is turning people off to the tourney. Im glad Amy is as supportive of your endeavors as Alissa is with mine, of course, she cheers me on because she wants new patio furniture...

GL (and a premature congrats)to you and May will be a great race.

ElSnarfoGrande said...

Nice heater. I can just go to bed after busting before the first break and assume you finish at least 3rd. Makes worrying about the April standings alot easier :)

Guess I'll need to win the Mookie tonight to make it a race. If Hoy can do it!

Good luck the rest of the way out.


Jeremy said...

It's on.

lightning36 said...

Handsome Jimmy Valiant talking about himself and Bobby Heenan: "Sometimes we don't think we're half as great as we really are."