Thursday, March 05, 2009

TJ'S BBT Player of the Week

The first week's winner should be no surprise although midweek I would have picked a different player. I had my eye on lightning36 at first after his hot start, but in the end hoyazo dominated the first week of BBT4.

Hoy played four events this week and managed to make the points in all of them. He final tabled the Big Game on Sunday, earning $690, or as he noted paying for the rest of his BBT4 entries. Hoy led the field with 250.8 points going into Wednesday and finished 25th out of 105 runners in The Mookie, which should put him over 300 for the first week and extend his early lead for the month of March $1,500 seat. Congratulations hoyazo on a great Week 1.

I was semi-happy with my 13th place finish last night. When consistency is key I always feel good about making both the points and the money in a BBT event. Nothing particularly interesting happened for most of the event for me. After we got down in the 20-25 players left range Bone Daddy shoved into me with 9-10 from the SB and I insta called with A-K. The flop brought a pair of 9s and he doubled through (and eventually won the event, so congrats to Bone Daddy). Two hands later I shoved Kc-4c into the aces of OMGItsPokerFool and managed to make both a straight and a flush to double back up. "Instant rebate," Bone Daddy called it.

My demise came a short while later on an insane hand. I had about 16K with blinds at 500-1K and raised to 3K from mid-position with Q-Q. I got called in four spots! First, the big stack behind called, then the 2,700 short stack on the button went all-in. Both the blinds followed into the pot. After a flop of 8-9-J rainbow the prudent move seemed to be to shove, which was followed by two all-in shoves behind me. I was up against 8-8 and 9-9. Why couldn't the flop have been 8-9-Q? I still had six outs, but the turn and river came 5-5. I don't remember who the beneficiary of the hand was, but they won a 80K+ pot, which had to be the biggest of the night up to that point.

Overall, it was a good first week for me as I made the points 3 out of 5 tournaments and should be in the neighborhood of the top 10 after the first week. I so far have avoided the curse that seems to have befallen my closest competition in the March and overall leaderboard standings last year -- namely lucko and TBA -- who have had no luck in the first week of March 2009. I suspect next week will be a different story.

I hope to play 3 of the 4 events next week. I will definitely miss the Brit game on Sunday because I am working stats for the SIAC conference tournament finals in Birmingham and then driving to Tunica to play some in the Spring Poker Classic. I should be able to play Monday-Wednesday unless I go deep in the Omaha 8 tournament I plan to play on Tuesday afternoon. Otherwise, you don't suppose they'd let me bring my laptop to the poker table, would you?


lightning36 said...

Thanks for the props. You are correct in choosing Hoy, who not only has scored the points, but has been playing one mean game in BBT4.

Bets of luck in next week's tournaments -- as long as you are not at my table, of course. : o )

lucko said...

Nice prediction.