Tuesday, March 03, 2009

BBT4 leaderboard up

Al has set up the BBT4 leaderboard page here. I've yet to cash, but have made the points twice (an unfortunate trend that happened a lot last year). I now lurk in 14th place, with an eye on moving up the ladder. I think I will look forward to the Skillz game each Tuesday as I probably have more experience in the non-NLHE games than most of the competition...or at least I have been busted by Matusow in WSOP HORSE for whatever that may be worth.

I will try to refrain from any shooting bloggers in a barrel comments this spring, although that little controversy certainly drew some traffic over here. So far in the first week I would have to say that the competition has been strong in the BBT. I haven't noticed many of the players I targeted as particularly week during BBT3 (and no, I will not name any names).

By the way, I think for fun I will give out a BBT Player of the Week award each week after the events are complete on Wednesday, just because I can -- and want your eyes on my blog each week. I will try not to give any to myself unless I just so wonderfully deserve it, lol, but if I do it definitely won't be on Week 1. I have a certain player in mind already unless someone does something special the last two days of BBT4 Week 1. Tune back Thursday to see who BBT Player of the Week for Week 1 is.

Meanwhile, see you kids in Stud 8 tonight...

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