Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BBT3 POW...Will I get to award it to myself for Week 4?

I was gone to California all last week. We flew into San Francisco on Monday, drove a car down the Pacific Coast Highway to Los Angeles and flew home Saturday. (Trip report coming soon.) Therefore, I didn't have a chance to record all of the results for Week 3 of the BBT. However, after looking at the leaderboard and talking with bloggers, it's obvious the Player of the Week has to be 125Will. He managed a win and a runner-up finish to rocket to the top of the leaderboard with 615.2 points. Congrats on an awesome week 125Will.

As for me I was pretty much ready to pack it in for the month of March in the BBT, but I decided to play this week because 1) I might as well try to take as many chances as possible to win my TOC seat, 2) there is still the overall leaderboard for the series to consider, and 3) the competition is always fun. Good decision me:

Donk_TuckFard and I had a protracted heads-up battle lasting more than half an hour. Twice I had him all-in with two overs against two unders and twice he hit his hands. He finally caught up almost to even, but I grinded him back down and finally won when my A-9 held up against his A-6. It feels good to lock up the TOC seat and main event freeroll (which I may be playing in Vegas...more to come when I know for sure) and this win should boost me into the Top 10 on the monthly leaderboard. My chance at the top is still very remote, but with five more events in the month I still have a shot. Both months I won last year were come from behind victories, although not from as far behind as this year.


lightning36 said...

Congrats on the win, TJ. Welcome to the top ten. Things are tightening up.

smokkee said...


lucko said...

Nice work!

Jeremy said...

Congrats John. I was planning on getting my second win and shooting up the monthly leaderboard but your limp w/QQ in the sb did me in. I hate going out that way but if I had just raised 3x I'm sure you woulda rrsd and I probably would've called anyway. Very nice play, I wasn't expecting you to have a hand. Once I went out I was rooting for ya.
I hope to meet some bloggers while I am out in Vegas this year, so definitely let me know if you will be there at the same time.