Saturday, June 28, 2008

No luck in Sin City

Quick update:

Finally got my media pass

Should just write for rest of Series

Because I can't win at poker

(Was that a haiku? Probably way to many syllables..)

Totals: Satellites -- 0 for 4, Tournaments --0 for 3 (11.5 hours Tuesday and 10 hours Thursday at Caesars with no cash to show)

I may not even play the HORSE tomorrow unless I do well in satellites tonight because it would put such a huge dent in my Vegas bankroll. I have to make it last for three weeks since I'm not going to walk around this town broke.

The luck will turn around. I know it.

1 comment:

Chips said...

You know, but just a reminder, THINK POSITIVE!! And good luck.

Let's write an article together when you get back. "Like Changing Poker Web Sites" OR concentrating on a couple mantra before playing for mental preparation.

David S.