Monday, June 02, 2008

Deja Vu all over again (in a good way)

It appears I won the May leaderboard, barring some poor math on my part. After I made the points and JD didn't that put me ahead of him and in the end I believe only Shabazz Jenkins could catch me, and he had to win to do it. Shabazz gave it a heck of a run, but lost a flip with A-K in the end to finish 5th, I think.

There were two particularly big hands Sunday that allowed me to make the top 18 out of 70 runners. Early I doubled up when I raised with Q-Q and was called on the button with Q-K. By the time the turn hit, with a board of 5-Q-7-K, we unsurprisingly had all the chips in the middle. After that hand I just floated along with really no big hands.

As we got down to 25-30 players both JD and I were hovering just off the bottom of the pack. When we got to the lower 20s I got short and pushed in the cutoff with K-5s and was called by A-5. Very fortunately for me, the king was the first card off. After doubling back up to 6,000+ chips, and especially after JD busted just out of the points, I played really tight. Knowing the points were probably worth $2,000 to me I played like a little girl...folding A-Ks suited twice. I ended up 17th, which was good enough.

Of course I am ecstatic that my Vegas bankroll has grown by another $2,000. I will probably put this second 2K toward non-WSOP tournaments at Binion's/Golden Nugget/Venetian/Caesars and WSOP satellites. My Vegas fever has grown.

Congrats to all winners in BBT events and good luck in the TOC next Saturday. I especially root for JD and TBA to win some prizes in that event.

Let me write another note about my proposed late June/early July "second-chance" blogger gathering. Let's make it happen. I know some of you kiddos will be out there. We'll get some drinks, "invade" a tournament, do whatever. Leave some comments; start a dialogue with thoughts and suggestions.


PokahDave said...

Congrats...impressive 3 months you put together. Best of luck at the WSOP!

Shrike said...

Well done. Great set of results.

lucko said...

Congrats again, awesome job!

Email me at 'kobrn at hotmail dot com' about Vegas.

Donkette said...

Congrats, very impressive play.

Bayne_S said...

Congrats luckbox

Corron said...

Nice work

RaisingCayne said...

Congrats! Great performance throughout! Very impressive. Good luck making some noise with the grown bankroll down in Vegas!