Friday, April 04, 2008

Shooting bloggers in a barrel

Two things are quite noticeable about these blogger tournaments. The first that has been obvious for a while is there is a lot of dead money in these things. Several other bloggers have pointed this out so I know it's not just me with that point of view.

The second, and this seems to be growing, is the catty chirping that is taking place at the tables. Al noted this recently on his blog how people are bitching at each other. These are supposed to be fun little tournaments with some very nice extras thrown in, but you still get the standard online bitch slapping taking place. Some of the discussion at my O8 table on Wednesday night was hilarious with the "fish" and "donkey" names tossed about, and the irony was that all of the players who were doing the name calling were themselves terrible O8 players.

On one hand I held A-A-X-X and the board came K-J-3-10-4. I check called the river, but took my time doing so. One player scolded me for basically slowrolling aces and another said "don't tap on the glass." Sorry, I didn't realize that unimproved aces were the nuts on the river in Omaha, and I was calling for about 20 percent of my stack. Meanwhile, the don't tap on the glass guy risked his tournament life unneccessarily with K-J-7-7 or something similar. Of course, this pro went on to make the final table.

I withheld names to protect the innocent, but in Fuel55's case I will not since he particularly acted like a douche. In the hand that got him riled up last night in the PLHE tournament, we were both sitting with 19,000+ and he had me slightly covered. It was folded to Fuel in the SB and he raised my 800 BB to 2,400 with K-Q. I held jacks so I repotted to 7,200. Fuel calls off a third of his remaining chips (a play I wouldn't have made, but not terribly unreasonable I suppose) and we see a flop of K-3-3. He checks and I have to push hoping he didn't hit the flop. You can't check in this spot and let him steal it or catch up on the turn. So he calls and I spike a jack on the turn.

"Nice catch fish," he says. Fine, he outflopped me and I got lucky. I can live with a little whiny comment. That's part of online poker. I felt fine with the way I played the hand.

So Fuel busted shortly afterwards and we are soon off to the final two tables. I lost a couple of hands to shortstacked tilt away, who pushed on my BB and I had odds to call wiht 9-10 and his A-K won. Then he raised from the button and I repotted with A-9, but he had A-10 and it held. "Keep spewing chips" Fuel typed from the rail. OK, so now he's stalking me. LOL.

Then when we get down to 12 players, a player raises and I repot from the cutoff or button with 8-8. Tricky spot here. Not sure if you should repot or flat call in this spot, but with only six players at the table, I thought an aggressive re-raise was in order. He calls with A-K and spikes an ace on the river to win the flip. Up chirps Fuel again with some spewing comment. I bust shortly afterwards in 11th.

Pretty hilarious that Fuel stalks me after I crippled him. Word to the wise -- don't be that guy. Don't be the player who can't take a beat and sits on the rail chirping at the guy who busted him. It's just pathetic. Since Fuel thought I was so fishy I was curious where he stood on the blogger leaderboard. So I went to the page and I scrolled down, and scrolled down and scrolled down and FINALLY found him down there in time making the points in 17 tournaments in March. How's the view from down there Fuel?


SirFWALGMan said...

Correction John, Fuel has made it TWO times now. Please update.

Good game last night fun playing with you.

Fuel55 said...

I guess my lucksacking skills just dont measure up to yours. At least my money is in good more often than not.

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Yeah, Fuel. I'm sure the variance of making the top 25 percent of the field is so great that despite me making the points 12 times in 18 tries and you making it once in 17 tries we are of equal caliber on the felt. I will give you props this month for making the points two times in three tries. You are at least keeping up with me in pointing percentage in April. Good luck to you.

lucko said...

While I agree Fuel is a big donkey, a sample size of 18 mtts is pretty meaningless.

And 24 is way too high of a number.

Schaubs said...

Sounds like it is time for a heads up match.

Settle this little tiff on the felt, where TJ feels he has the advantage...

I am not sure if I would classify watching the final two-three tables as stalking.

If that is the case, then aren't we all stalkers?

Fuel55 said...

Best of 5 HU matches - $500 level?

lucko said...


TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Probably true on both counts lucko, but it's the only sample size I have to go on for now.

While pulling out your stack of Benjamins shows admirable bravado Fuel, I don't have nearly that kind of money on FTP or any online site. I would be glad to play you best of 5, 7, 9 or whatever in HU SNG it would have to be on a much smaller level.

And schaubs while what you say is probably true, I didn't see Fuel make any other comments from the rail at my table except when I lost pots so it stands to reason he was there mainly to root for me to lose.

bayne_s said...

This may be the weakest fuel inspired rant I have ever seen.

Please next time go after the lucksack donkey duckfucker on his only skill being a flair for suckoutistry and whining like a little girl when his suckout fails to hold.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Honestly, I love this post. And yes, I like Fuel and I consider him my friend. Having said that, my motto is no friends at the table so I can distinguish the two.

I also agree that there are bazillion donkeys, and like lucko said, 24 is probably too many. In the MTT world, I don't even consider myself in the 24. But I'm not sure I can name more than 10 either...

I had no idea he stalked you though. Now THAT's pretty funny IMO. I thought only guys with short bankrolls did that, Fuel!!! :)

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

I'm sure Fuel is a fine upstanding citizen in the real world and usually also in the cyber world, but last night and today he is being a bit of a bitch. Alan, make sure he takes his meds.

And Fuel, I usually get my money in good as well, whether you want to believe it or not.

DuggleBogey said...

A Fuel and his Temper are soon parted.

Fuel55 said...

Finally this thread is gaining some momentum.

1. I will play a best of 9 HU matches. Stars or FTP - long structures only - no turbo bullshit. Since stakes are relevant to you, I guess it will be strictly for bragging rights.

2. In future I would request that you link up my blog when mentioning my name. I need the traffic.

3. Obviously I was being a bitch to you for metagame value. I could care less about any place but1st in these things. Last and 2nd is the same to me. I play accordingly.

4. My bitchery inspired a good rant - mission accomplished.

5. Bayne can blow me.

6. Time to bring out the gimp (for BoneDaddy ...)

7. As always my email is fuel55 at veltheer dot com or call me at 1-800-Fuel55rules

Fuel55 said...


TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Sorry sir, but your request is denied. No need for me to send you any traffic.

Personally, I just play these things and however I finish is how I finish. Good for you and your second is last BS. Guess that makes sense for someone who has to yet to win their TOC seat.

And, yes, while I wish I had the bankroll to play you in a series of $500 HU SNGs since it would be +EV, I am in for a best of 9 in the $30 range since it is all my paltry online bankroll will allow. Have sympathy on us po' boys.

Donkette said...

I must be colored blind, I'm not seeing your name in red John!!! As I have stated many times in comments there are people who show you what to do (Fuel) and people who sho you what not to do...(You)

And I'm sure your comeback will be that I suck, well your right, but I am trying my hardest and learning and I'm not the one who thinks they know it all, I can admit that (hence the name) whats your excuse?

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Actually Donkette, I don't intend to call you any names, but I am puzzled why you show up here throwing in your two cents, especially since those cents don't make any sense...people that show you what to do and people that show you what not to do? What does that mean?

I take it you are effectively calling me a donk. Fine, you are entitled to your opinion, though I am very curious what you base it on. My results in these tournaments? My results in four year of making a living playing poker? Very strange comment.

And by the way, I am always open to admitting my faults. I admit them all the time on this blog. I am very open and honest, too honest sometimes. I don't think I'm a "red letter" type of player, but I am a winning player. I have losing streaks and I talk about my leaks. I'm not holier than thou until people start talking shit to me online, as they have lately.

Considering the impetus of this thread was Fuel acting like a dickhead last night, what exactly is it that he shows you what to do?

Fuel55 said...

I am sure this blog is now subject to epic volumes of traffic.

I had no idea you were a pro player John. It all makes sense now.

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Pro is a relative term. I never use it.

To say that I have primarily made my living from playing poker over the last three years (sorry the four years was a typo) is accurate and I leave it at that. When asked I never say I am a "professional poker player."

I'd much rather make more money writing and less playing poker, and that is my focus these days. I'm not all that good at poker anyway, just good enough to beat the worst donkeys.

Donkette said...

I am throwing in my two cents because I probably fall into your
category of "Dead Money" for you to take shots at. And take shots you did.

A lot of us (including me) started playing in these tourneys way before the BBT3 ever hanppend. It was a way for us to learn how to play better and to meet a bunch of people who shared a similar hobby.
Fuel is one of those people who took time to talk with me about how I am playing hands, to analyze hand histories with me and to formulate a better tournament strategy. So yes, he's one of those people who show me what to do. I think my game has gotten a lot better since I started talking with bloggers about poker.

You talk like you're some kind of hot shot who clearly dominates this field. Granted, you've had some success in these things, but I've seen just as many people (or even more) congratulate you on your wins including myself, as I've seen acting like assholes in the chat. So instead of just taking the girly chat comments like a man, you go onto your blog and start bashing people.

You can say what you want on your own blog, but I'm just here to let you know that I would never spend an entire post bashing another blogger for some stupid girly chat comments. That's why you're one of the people who shows me what not to do.

Just be thankful this group of "Dead Money" puts this tournament series together in the first place.

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Donkette, I really don't know why you take these comments so personally. I have never nor will I ever say a bad word against you.

I spoke in generalities other than to diss Fuel for the way he acted last night. Perhaps I took the gamesmanship to a too high level, and if so I am sorry.

As far as any dead money comments, I am far from the first to make a statement like that on a blog, and I don't intend to single out ANY player as being dead money. I don't really think Fuel is dead money either, but I had to rib him good after his silly comments last night.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Oh my god... now I don't know what I love more. The comments here or the post itself.


You're all donkeys!!!!

And the view from whatever place I'm in with no TOC seat is awesome, thanks for asking. :)

(in case you take the donkey comment seriously and ask me my view from whatever place I'm in on the leaderboard)

Wwonka said...

Great Post.
Play the best of 5 $5 sng's.
Fuel seems to miss the point that luck plays a huge part in poker.

Donkette has been taking lessons from fuel so thats why she is sticking up for his crap.

You either Have Class or you don't. You can't choose to turn it on or off too bad more people don't realize that.