Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The "lucksack" recaps Biloxi

Sorry for the lack of drama over the last few days. I do try to entertain and I haven't done my part since Friday. I've noticed on many blogs that people are writing about the lack of decorum in the BBT. You know my view on this, but I can also see the point of MiamiDon, who wrote on his blog:

"I read a lot of old schooler's are pining for the days of playing a tourney with buddies without all the asshats like it used to be. Well the blogger tourneys have evolved into cutthroat affairs with tens of thousands of dollars at stake so unfortunately those days are gone probably forever."

Other than that annoying incorrectly used apostrophe (my biggest grammer pet peeve), I agree with his point. Miami Don also wrote that "Now I talked a lot of smack during BBTwo but I retired it when I was playing BBThree..." You sure about that Don? Seems you keep calling me a "lucksack" or "break even player" or such. Of course, he is the same guy who told twoblackaces that I won 12 hands in a row as an underdog on the Sunday I pulled ahead on the leaderboard in March. Hilarious.

Meanwhile this "lucksack" continued his unlucky ways last night. Once again, I made the points and then couldn't make the final table when I got my kings cracked in hold'em. Not enough chips to get away when the blinds are 500-1,000 and the average stack is like 10K. Now I did "lucksack" my way into the points. In razz, I got all my money in with A,2,3,5 and then caught brick, brick, 4. Yeah, not really lucky but in MiamiDon's world this would be lucksacking it. How could a fish like me have any success in these blogger events otherwise?

OK, enough smack talking,'s the view from 51st MiamiDon?...Sorry, couldn't resist. OK, so I haven't recapped the latter part of the Biloxi trip yet. As you may recall, I was down there mainly to do some work for Rounder with the Spring Break Poker Classic ending at the Beau and the IP Poker Classic beginning at the IP. After the Beau ended, I moved over to the IP and had a couple of days off before the first event on Wednesday. Another guy had come down to do the final table recap (there was an accidental overbooking) so it turned out I had very little to do before I left on Thursday.

I took a drive around Biloxi on Tuesday and the city is still a sad sight. Other than the casinos and about five Waffle Houses, very little has been rebuilt on the coast. Several of the original casinos have not returned, including the President, which used to be here:

The coast is simply barren now. I hated to see that my favorite restaurant in Biloxi, the Bombay Bicycle Club, has not rebuilt. Heck, they haven't even finished clearing off the lot two years post Katrina.

To escape the sad sights I retreated to the IP. I did a lot of reading while I was there, including a book on the history of Vegas with a lot of old pictures. I keep feeding that Vegas fever. Otherwise, I was trying to get my sorry wireless connection in my room working so I could play the blogger tournaments.

On Wednesday, my last full day down there, I decided to play the first event of the Poker Classic since Brian was there to do the recap. It was a $230 NLHE affair, and I managed to make the final table, where I finished 7th. I think my profit was about $750 as there were only 117 players in the field. Not big money by any means, but I will take it as a good finish to a mediocre March of poker playing. If you don't count the $2,000 I will get from FTP (and I don't since $1,500 is going straight to Harrah's and $500 to an airline and hotel) I only made about $1,500 on the month. Ramen noodles for us this month I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Don't flatter yourself, that conversation I was having in chat was not directed towards you.

Keep running hot.

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

Oh I see, must have been another TJ at the table you were calling a lucksack. Sorry for my mistake sir.