Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sorry for the dearth of posts

Usually, I post almost daily during my Vegas adventures, but this year I just haven't had the time. This is a good thing, though, because it means my work has kept me busy, which in turn means I actually get paid for the stuff I do on here for free. You can read most of my WSOP reporting at www.pokerworks.com.

I've also spent the better part of the past week with my friend Brian and Heather and then Amy, when she came for the weekend. So I didn't write about or play poker for several days.

I did participate in the media/celebrity event on the 5th, which this year was the all media/no celebrity tournament since any celebrities playing that day participated in the Ante Up for Africa charity tournament. That was a real clusterfuck too. I wanted to cover it, but with rail birds ten deep and media prohibited from inside the ropes that proved pretty well impossible.

It was fun showing Amy around town. We rode the gondolas, we rode the Manhattan Express, we stayed at the Stratosphere over the weekend and rode the Big Shot. It reminded me a bit of my first trip here in 2001. Now, when I see people standing in my way looking at the light show on Fremont Street, I mutter "tourists" under my breath as I dodge them on the way to a poker game or buffet. It was nice to actually be a tourist again for a few days.

Now I need to try to get into some of these $500 or $1,000 second-chance tournaments they are running at the WSOP during the last week. It's my last chance at a big score since I didn't cash big or try to win a main event seat. I must admit I am very envious of the players still in it. There's no ride in poker like it.

OK, here's some photos for your enjoyment.

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