Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hi again

I've been so busy the past week that I have found little time for blog posting and such. I've played quite a few tournaments, and though I feel I've played well, I've had little success in them. I finished 10th in the $150 limit hold'em event at Binion's last night, making only about a $250 profit in the process and just bubbling the final table. I didn't get one of those cool Final Table card covers they are handing out, which pissed me off. That's my only cash in a tournament so far, after having played 5 or 6 of them. I'm still up for the trip, however, since I've yet to have a losing session in a NLHE cash game and I chopped 2 of 4 satellites I've played at the WSOP. (I'll probably play a lot more after the main event begins to try to get into some of the second chance $500 events.)

Amy is flying in Friday night and I can't wait to see her. I've got to find some Cirque de Soleil tickets to one of the shows. It's her birthday Sunday and I want to treat her to the best one ever.

My friends Brian and Heather are flying in this evening and they will be here for several days. (They are the ones who I went to The Price is Right with.)

So other than a few things like the media/celebrity tournament and Ante Up for Africa tournaments on Thursday I won't be playing or writing about poker much in the next week.

Check http://www.pokerworks.com/ when it's working to read some of my posts. I think you will find the Bickering at Binion's article pretty entertaining. Dan Michalski, who still fondly remembers 2006 whenever he and I drink together, is writing some good stuff, as is the man himself, Craig Cunningham.

I've run into just about all of the writers I worked with last year, but this year just isn't the same. It seems everyone's got bigger gigs which keeps them all busier than before. There have been fewer dinners and drinks last year. (Or maybe I'm just not invited.) I long for 2006 too Dan.

But 2007 isn't bad either.

Hey, at least I found a can of sweet tea.

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