Thursday, April 20, 2006

Upcoming in Poker Nation

In an attempt to make this blog more of a resource than it has been, I plan in the next few months to make some posts that could be of great use to my brethren. To wit, you will see:
  • A listing of some of the available WSOP packages on each site and a comparison of some of the satellite offerings
  • Planning for the WSOP: Using my first-hand experience, I'll share some useful tidbits with some of you WSOP virgins who may be reading this
  • A comparison of some of the tournaments and tournament sites across the country that I have traveled to for those of you considering which places you may want to travel in 2006-2007
  • A look at which online sites have some tournament overlays
  • A rake comparison of some online sites
  • And whatever other useful stuff I can come up with between now and then

I also plan to link to these specific posts from my blog sidebar, so the information will be easy to find in the future. Check back early and often as I'll shoot these posts out from time to time in the coming months. As always, thanks for your patronage.

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