Friday, April 21, 2006

MissT WSOP qualifier

MissT is an avid RGPer and hostess of a number of bracelet event WSOP qualifiers on Poker Stars. The link to her site is below. She asked for some pimpage to fill the one up she is planning for Sunday so here's the details:

For all you players that have been following the MissT74 WSOP Qualifiers, there will only be ONE more before I leave, and thus this will be the last one for about 3 weeks time. I will start them back up once I'm back home and caught up on work and home life. If you're interested, email me ASAP, as I anticipate this one filling up due to there not being one for the past 2 weeks, and it being the last one for the next 3 weeks.

Date: Sunday, 4/23/06
Time: 10:00 pm EST
Game: NLHE
Players: min 20, max 30
Cost: $50.00
Transfer: $40.00 to MissT74 from (Kingman) on PokerStars and then email me. Your password will be issued at that time.
Prize: $1,000 WSOP seat if there are 20 players, $1,500 WSOP seat if there are 30 players.

Any questions, again, simply email me. Pass the word around, everyone is welcomed. Feel free to pimp this on your blog if you'd be so kind to, that way I can assure that it gets filled up and that I'm not stressing out 15 mins before the event is suppose to start. LOL. is the email address.

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