Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Boost of confidence

Isn't it scary how one big win or big loss can affect your outlook on poker? Or maybe it's just me. I've felt like a mangy dog, kicked to the curb, the last couple of months and haven't felt at all confident about my game or my chances of winning in any given session. And then, WHAM, last night I haul in $1,200 in our local $5-$10 limit game. (Obviously, that's a monster win in a game of that size, even if we use a rock that occasionally makes for straight 10-10-10 bets on some hands.)

Two days ago I felt I couldn't win. Now I'm ready to take on the world. Strange, isn't it? At least I feel like I got my mojo back. Groooovy, baby.

I got some other good news Monday as the guy who runs that local game offered to stake me in a $500 NLHE tournament in New Orleans next month. He asked if I was going to the WSOP Circuit Event there and I replied that I was thinking about skipping it since I hadn't been running well and was trying to save up for the big Vegas splash this summer. He offered me the stake, which I very happily accepted. Plus, some of us Tuscaloosa poker players will room together, further saving precious bankroll dollars. I get a freeroll at that event for half any winnings minus the buy in. I've never been one to try to sell pieces of myself, so this will be a first, but one I look forward to.


Akashra said...

Nice break : )

Ya, it seems like one big loss can lead to a string of losses. At least with me, I think it at first sort of subtely effects my thoughts leading to poor decisions, which builds up into more noticeable poor decisions which are essentially tilt.. This is easier for me to stop now though... But always seems to be in patterns of winning for awhile... Than suddenly i'll be stuck in a slump for several losing sessions.. . Was just experiencing the same thing after dropping a thousand or so in a few days..

Akashra said...


Was browsing through a decent article on flop-turn-river on this today after that previous comment:


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