Sunday, November 07, 2004

Words from Jennifer Harman

I was able to chat online with Jennifer Harman briefly Friday night while playing the Bustout Bounty Bonanza (or whatever they call the thing) on Full Tilt.

Myself and others were asking her about the game with Andy Beal. If you are not aware of the story, a group of pros, apparently headed by Doyle Brunson, regularly play a Texas billionaire named Andy Beal at the Bellagio. The game is heads up limit hold-em, with the pros taking turns facing Beal. The stakes are high -- I believe around $25-$50K or $30-$60K, or more in one hand than I would make in several years working in the newspaper biz. The plot thickened when Beal called out the pros in Card Player, bragging that he has done well against them and wanting to up the ante. He also wants to play the next game in Dallas. Brusnon responded in kind in a letter published in Card Player laying out the terms of his group, "The Corporation."

Harman was asked about that game. Her response, "I would like to play him if we can reach an agreement."

You may recall from a World Poker Tour telecast that Harman won what is believed to be the largest poker pot ever -- $1.2 million -- in a game last year. I'm guessing it was against Beal.

I asked her if she thinks Beal will agree to Brunson's terms. Her reply was, "Don't know Tuscaloosa. It's possible."

As for the prospect of playing the game in Dallas, Harman said, "I don't care if we play in Dallas."

Hardly groundbreaking information, but it indicates that the game will likely go on at some point.

I also asked her a quick tournament question. Here's the Q & A:

Q. What would you say is the greatest mistake that novice tournament players make?

A. Not enough patience. Also a novice player may move in when he doesn't need to risk it all.


twoto2too said...

i also talked to jennifer about the game she played against beal but i was in a limit 2/4 with her. from what i understand is that the pros pitched in together to put up the mil and then drew straws to see who would play him and jenn got the short straw. she didnt mention taking turns. by the way the largest pot won that she held has been broken she says but i dont know by whom.

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