Monday, November 29, 2004

Some Daniel Negreanu news

Here's a tidbit on Daniel N. Judging from my poll results, he's a pretty popular guy...

Poker Champion Daniel Negreanu Joins Cast of Poker Updates Streaming TV Show

Celebrity poker player Daniel Negreanu has joined the cast of the streaming TV Show "Poker Updates," located at

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) November 29, 2004 -- Poker Updates, the Internet's first and only magazine style streaming poker TV show, has added poker celebrity Daniel Negreanu to its cast. The announcement was made by Poker Updates executives earlier today.Negreanu, who is estimated to have won over three million dollars at the poker tables this year, will offer his tips to the poker world during Poker Updates broadcasts in a segment called "Daniel's Corner." The show can be seen in its entirety at"What makes Daniel's Corner unique is that Daniel will not be offering the typical how to play better poker information. Instead, he will be offering tips on how to lead a better poker lifestyle," said the show's producer Eric Rosenberg. Some of Negreanu's segments will include his insight on drinking while playing, maintaning a social life, and borrowing money.

About Daniel Negreanu -- Daniel is considered to be one of the top tournament and cash game players in the world. He has won more major tournaments than any other player in the circuit since 1997 with 25 first place finishes.

About Poker Updates -- Poker Updates is the Internet's first and only streaming poker TV show. Each episode takes you into the world of poker by diving into the most newsworthy and entertaining aspects of the game. The show is available online at The current episode has been the subject of several news articles due to the controversial feature story that deals with online poker and the law.Poker Updates can be seen in its entirety at For more information, contact Bob Van Court at (228) 365-7084 or by email at e-mail protected from spam bots.

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