Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Foxwoods Day 3

Sorry for the slow post, finally getting something up here on Election Day, two days late. I was in a bit of a bad mood Sunday night because I got reamed at the poker table earlier in the day.

The $500 NL tournament had about 820 players participating, more than 300 more than the limit tournament on Saturday. I immediately got a few good hands, raised pre-flop and took the blinds. The first hand I got action I had to lay down. I raised pre-flop with AK, got three callers and the flop was A-3-5. It was checked to me, I bet the pot of $200 and was check-raised by the BB for $400 more. I pondered this one for awhile. I figured he had to put me on AK and thus must have flopped a set. A year ago I wouldn't have hesitated going all-in, but I folded this hand. Apparently, I was just playing too scared. The player revealed later he also had AK.

Our table broke early and I was moved to Table 8 Seat 5, the same place I sat for the duration of Saturday's tourney. I got QQ and raised it 3x the BB and got only one caller, a kid with a Michigan State cap in the SB who had plenty of chips and a figidity personality. He would play with his chips, pull off his cap and rub his head, etc. The kid could use some prozac.

I knew the kid played pretty lose so I was scared to death when the flop came A-rag-rag. Nonetheless, I bet the pot and he called. We checked the turn and he bet the river. I mucked. I knew he flopped the ace with what was undoubtedly some crap like A-6.

I couldn't catch a break in this tournament, finally raising all-in with 99 for about $500 with the blinds at $75-$150 and having a guy go all-in over the top of me.

"Oops," I said after all folded and we turned over our cards. He had KK and was out about 570th.

It got worse. After putting my name on the lists in the poker room I drove around the area, eventually ending my route at Long Island Sound at Westerly, R.I. Two hours later I come back and a new $20-$40 Hold'em table has opened so I give it a shot. I quickly learned that these guys are better than the $5-$10 players back home. "Tuscaloosa" Johnny indeed. I caught flush draws and no flushes. AK vs. QQ with a K-Q-rag board. Any other hand you can think of got me deeper in trouble. I dropped $700 quicker than you can say "Go, fish."

Overall, my play on the trip was OK. I won 1 of 3 satellites, just missed the money in a big tournament and then got smoked on Sunday in live and tournament play. The next big one for me is on my home turf in Tunica in January. Maybe I will fare better there.

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