Thursday, October 28, 2004

Why I hate computers

Last night I was playing the $50 NL on PokerStars, had just made the final table out of 288 players and lo and behold the Internet went out. I sit there stunned as my icon flashes "Disconnected" and my rage boils. I try everything I can think of to get it to work, but nothing works. Luckily for me, my friend Brian was watching me play the tournament, so I called him up and he logged in for me and he played my hands for me over the phone. As soon as he logs in I get monster hands -- JJ, AK, QQ and it's not long before I moved from ninth in chips to second. Unfortunately, with me not being able to see the screen it's hard for Brian to relay not just my hands, but my chip count, my position and the other players' chip counts in a matter of seconds, so we have some difficulties and miscommunications that hurt my chances. I put nearly half my chips in with AQ, thinking I had more chips, get raised all-in and before I can tell Brian to call, the time runs out and my hand is folded. D'oh! I finished 7th and made another $250 over what I would have finished had I not gotten back into the game so all is certainly not lost.

On another note, that is the fifth PS tournament in the past two weeks that I have finished 11th or better with at least 120 people in each one so I am feeling good about my tournament game right now. I fly up to Foxwoods tomorrow and will see if my hot streak can continue.


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