Wednesday, January 21, 2009

World Series of Poker news

I had typed most of a recap for the last of the Biloxi trip before my internet went dead in the Beau's media room so I haven't gotten it up yet. Overall, it was a good trip, both from a poker playing and poker writing standpoint. I'll share the stories in the next couple of days.

But for now let me share some juicy WSOP gossip. Here are some bullet points of info from an inside source about the scheduling for this summer:

* The schedule is likely to be released on Feb. 1.

* The dates will be about the same as in 2008, so from June through mid to late July again.

* Rebuy events are not completely dead. There had been discussion of cutting them out of the WSOP completely, but at least the $1K with rebuys NLHE event will remain. That event continues to have strong support to stay.

* Badugi is not on the schedule, BUT there was strong support for it. My inside source expects it to be on the schedule in 2010.

If any of these statement are proven incorrect in a couple of weeks, I will kill my Deep Throat and find a better one.

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