Friday, January 20, 2006

Fun at the john

Eskimo Clark and his friends had left the cyber area and I was sitting alone last night when Josh Arieh walked by into the john with his laptop in his hands. A cursory glance at the screen showed that he was playing Ultimate Bet. Meanwhile, I was sitting in the Josh Arieh room playing $3-$6 blinds NLHE. Coincidence?

Arieh later came back by and sat in the floor.

“Josh, there’s a seat open over here if you want it,” I called out.

“That’s ok, just a couple more hands,” he replied.

I told him I was playing in his room on Bodog and he begins a long-winded explanation about the new software the site is about to implement.

I later was paid a visit by Rick “Big Rick” Guillroy, a native of Lake Charles, La., and a friend of Clark’s. He had been in a car accident earlier in the week (he hit a deer) and was trying to see if I could help him email is insurance adjustor. Since he didn’t know how to spell the man’s name, the search was fruitless before it began.

Guillroy told me he lives here after losing his house to Katrina and lamented about the Eskimo’s exit from the WPO main event.

“He’s got pocket aces in a goddamn tournament when he can win a million dollars and he lets goddamn deuces see the flop for $6,000 goddamn dollars.”

Any guesses which card hit the flop?

Meanwhile, I’m trying to play my game on Bodog as Big Rick explains another hand to me.

“You listening to me?” he asked, while glaring. “You’re learning from the master here.”

Not much excitement so far today. Didn’t even leave the room until 3 in the afternoon. Erik Seidel was entering the elevator as I exited, a fact that doesn’t bode well for his tournament success.

Layne Flack just walked into the john with a cigar in his mouth while two women had their picture taken with Scotty Nguyen. Here comes Bob Stupak with a straw golf hat on into the john as well. That’s what happens when you sit by the bathroom, you get to see all the action.

T.J. Cloutier just walked into the tournament area with his Bay 101 jacket on, while Ted informed me he busted out of the $500 tournament today. Time to go eat.

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