Sunday, March 13, 2005

Odds and ends

Just uncluttering the mind here, putting thoughts to keyboard:

Most people laugh when somebody refers to poker as a sport. I'm not among those who believe poker should be cast in that category, but judging from my own play of late, I would say that poker is a bit like basketball, where when the shots aren't falling a player can tend to force things, taking and missing bad shots and making things worse. When your aces are getting cracked, suddenly a J-9 suited looks like a hand to play from early position, or an A-8, or take your pick.

I played in a tournament in town yesterday, finishing 6th of 29 players and going out on the bubble. The guy who won wore a bad shirt and an even worse haircut, a mullet that would make Joe Dirt proud. His play was less than examplary, in fact, it was downright horrid, but he was catching the deck. When it's your day, it's your day, unless you owe a big debt. Mullet man won first and the $1,100 or so that went with it, but he apparently owes thousands to another guy named Ricky who was playing. After mullet won, Ricky snatched the money-filled envelope from him and the guy left without saying much. Later, Ricky took a call from his girlfriend and told her, "I finished 18th, but took first."


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