Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ultimate Poker Live -- First hands of legal U.S. online poker dealt today in Nevada!

Today is a historic one for poker players, as the first hand of legal online poker in the U.S. was dealt at the Nevada-based Ultimate Poker at noon eastern.

Here's the 2+2 forum discussion on it, and here is a USA Today article about it.

I tried to sign up for the site to see what kind of error message I might get, and to see if they were running any freerolls for non-Nevada residents as the sites for Golden Nugget and Stratosphere have been doing.

It wouldn't have mattered where I am located, as it turns out because the site tracks your location by your cell phone, and the local tower you use, and there is a problem tracking my service provider (Verizon) at the moment. So if you live in Nevada and use Verizon you are SOL, at least temporarily.

I don't think they are letting anyone not currently in NV play anyway so no freebies for me. You can sign up from any state, but can't play unless you are at this moment in the Silver State.

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