Monday, February 04, 2013

A Harry Reid bombshell

If you haven't heard the recent news about the alleged $1 million bribe given to Nevada Sen. Harry Reid to push online poker regulation, read this link.

Of course, Reid's staff is denying the claims, but I think we have all heard enough politician lies to have our doubts. And since I'm neck deep in politician shenanigans at Missouri Watchdog you'll have to forgive my overt cynicism here.

That'd be another nasty black eye for our beloved game if one of the few lawmakers pushing hard for online poker regulation was on the take. It would seem to only hurt our chances.

Meanwhile, a Justice Department spokesperson told Card Player that an announcement on the funds remission process for us left holding the bag at Full Tilt is coming "soon," whatever that means. Could be weeks, could be months. But after nearly two years of waiting, what's a little more patience worth?

Since I don't have a 'roll to speak of, it'd be nice to collect my ~$1,500 from FTP, however.

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