Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Maximizing profits from your poker blog

And now a world from our sponsors...

When I started this blog in 2004 it was to chronicle my impending travels across the country to play poker the next year. It was merely for my amusement and, I hoped, for some of you.

It wasn't until I got the occasional email from marketers wanting to buy ad space that I realized I could make a little coin, too.

Without doubt, I have not maximized this blog's potential over the years, a situation I am now obviously trying to correct with a new design and more useful and frequent content. Having been in existence for eight years and with a page rank of three this web space has a little value I've realized.

Recently, I went down the blogrolls of other poker bloggers, clicking and viewing to see 1) who is still active or at least semi-active, and 2) who has advertisers. I then found emails for those bloggers and sent out a mass email inviting them to trade advertiser info with me.

Only one replied.

We emailed each other our spreadsheets, and then I went down the list and sent an email marketing my blog to each one. I got two positive replies, and sold two ad deals for $400.

Lesson here to other poker bloggers: email me back!

But seriously, I am happy to share any info I have that could help you maximize profits from your poker blog (or any type of blog) if you'll do the same for me. I can be reached at jkampis@hotmail.com.


sevencard2003 said...

i hate google adsense, some jerks were harrassing me so i made my blog private for a little while. not knowing that was against the rules. so they banned me, and not only that, they took back the $70 theyd already owed me. they couldve just taken me off the program, i will never forgive them for this, and i wouldnt have made it private for about 3-4 days had i known it would cause so much hassle. now i can never use their program again, and i wish a lawyer could do something about this, but ive got no money for one. anyway sure wish i had a way to sell ads, not trade ads, but sell ads. my blog gets way more readers than urs.

TuscaloosaJohnny said...

I got booted from Google AdSense myself years ago because either I wrote about online poker or had ads for online poker. Either way, it was against their terms of service. You can't make much from that program anyway...consider your own case of them owing you $70 with your high blog traffic.

jamyhawk said...

I'm thinking of getting back to blogging. I was earning about $700 a year in ad money when I was playing/writing.

I would be interested in getting some info from you. I'm at jamyhawk at gmail dot com.