Wednesday, July 02, 2008

No cigars

This has been a trip about coming close with nothing to show for it. The tournament tally so far:

Golden Nugget Grand Series Omaha Hi/Lo -- 21st of 162

Caesars Mega Stack NLHE -- 120ish of 560

Golden Nugget Grand Series HORSE -- 39th of 143

Of course, there was also the $1,500 WSOP HORSE in which I busted out in the third level...maybe I should have played the Limit Shootout instead or the NL donkament. Regardless, I have no cashes in any tournaments. I managed to chop a couple of satellites, but that's about it.

So to heck with playing poker. I have been focused today on writing about it.

I get one more main event shot in about an hour when I play the 6 p.m. mega satellite. An unidentified person is putting me in for a 50/50 split of any main event winnings.

Amy arrives tomorrow night so I am very excited about that. I miss my wife terribly.

The radio show went well. I think. I know that our owner Hank was happy with it. I believe you are supposed to be able to listen to it in archived fashion on, but I couldn't find the show on there. You can subscribe to the shows on iTunes, but they haven't updated the podcasts in more than a month. When I know how to listen to the show I will post it here.

Last night I watched the craziness at Phil Ivey's charity tournament at the Golden Nugget. Go to to read about the foolish behavior, as well as about this drunk fellow...

Hoyt and I talked briefly on the phone today. Sometime after he busts out of the main event we're going hiking up on Mt. Charleston. All I have are sneakers, but I'll give it a go.

That's the short report. Look forward to meeting Lucko and Riggstad and seeing Al Can't Hang and Iggy again. All are arriving in the next couple of days. Looking more forward to seeing my love...

Get here soon my Angelina!


Standing Around Breathing said...


Your wife is much prettier than Mrs. Pitt and probably a million times classier. Just not as rich!

RaisingCayne said...

"Marrying up" huh, geez! Nice work! ;-)

What's up with poker bloggers and this phenomenon of getting women that are way out of their league? Wild!

JUST talkin' trash man... givin' you a hard time. I mean NO OFFENSE! Enjoy the time with your wife in Vegas!

And best of luck getting some profitable results out of your next tournament adventure!

I've been enjoying your posts up at the pokerati, keep up the good work! (Loved the one with the drunk Brit at 4 am complaining about the butchering of "The Queen's English," that was good stuff!) Best of luck...

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...


I hope your wife comes to the WPBT this Winter. Mrs. Tascaloosa, not sure if you know, but The Rooster is the defending champion...holla! Very pretty girl, Johnny.