Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tunica here I come

I hope everyone had a happy new year. Both Amy and I were sick, and other than a quick trip to the Cypress Inn (a restaurant, despite the odd name) for dinner, we stayed in and watched Dick Clark. It's sad to see the state "America's oldest teenager" is in after his stroke, but sweet to see how sincere he was in wishing everyone best luck in the coming year, not to mention the midnight kiss from his wife. Touching.

Also caught the record motorcycle jump in the parking lot of the Rio. They make those things seem so suspenseful, but I'm sure they know how high they have to build the ramp and how fast he needs to accelerate to ensure the jump is successful, so in a sense the show is smoke and mirrors.

This morning I've got my cup of coffess by my side as I watch the sun rise. I'm about to pack up for Tunica. I was just realizing that other than Vegas for the WSOP, Tunica is the only place I have traveled to annually since I began playing poker. My annual trip actually predates my trips to the WSOP since I think I've gone every year since 2003. Who can blame me, or my local co-horts? This month sees two major tournament series a mere four hours from home. This year, thanks to my work with Rounder, I get to stay free. While before I've had to pay for all of my expemses as a poker player, I think I could get used to this having things paid for me to go write gig.

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