Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In what should be of surprise to no one...

...I'm going to Vegas.

I'm leaving Sunday afternoon and getting in around 10 p.m. (I really love flying into Vegas at night.) I'll be staying at Binion's with Ted (again) and driving back and forth to the Rio.

I was able to get some work writing for Linda at PokerWorks, so depending on how that pans out I may stay for the duration of the WSOP. If not, I'll come back after the Fourth of July (and before Amy's birthday.)

Unfortunately, my bankroll is fairly weak so my play may be limited. I am in the process of "whoring" myself out (Amy's term) by selling shares of myself in some of the Binion's and Venetian tournaments, which will allow me to play more of them.

It's not quite like the heady days of last year when I touched down at McCarran with a main event seat in the future. If I'm going to make some cheese, I'll really have to work it.

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