Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Roshambo on Ultimate Bet

Probably you've figured out by now that rock, paper, scissors has finally gone prime time with a game dedicated to it on Ultimate Bet. I used to think I was good at Roshambo (before I even knew it was called such a thing) when I would play friends and family in a game of first to 10. I actually have never lost a match of that length, though I probably haven't played others of high Roshambo ability...I tried to get Iggy to play me in a first to 10 game last summer after the blogger tournament at Caesars, but he got distracted after I pulled ahead and I got bored waiting for him to come back and left. I tried to continue the match later at the Excalibur, but he insisted on best of 3 and beat me. That guy is such a scam artist!

So anyway, UB is now offering up the game on its site. Unfortunately, for you high-stakes Roshambo players, the max bet per game currently is just $2. With a 10 percent rake out of every pot, the game is probably unbeatable in the long run. I sat down with $20 Sunday night and got spanked 18 games to 10. So ends my attempt at a professional Roshambo career.

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