Thursday, April 05, 2007

RGP discussion of Rounders

Love it or hate it, Rounders seems to be THE movie that recent poker junkies love to cite on a regular basis. (The Cincinnati Kid is a much better movie, but a much smaller segment of the poker loving population has seen it.)

I logged onto RGP today and saw a rather funny discussion of the movie. Here are some of the burning questions proposed by poster SoBoDo:

While we are on the topic, I have some questions too:

- What was the oreo cookie actually saying to Teddy? I have played those scenes over and over, with the volume as loud as I could get it, and I still don't hear what the cookie is saying.

- If Mike McD had gotten Christy Turlington to give Knish a blowjob, would Knish have then given Mike McD the money?

- When Mike McD lost the big hand to Teddy, he had the second nuts ... the only hand that beats him is AA. Teddy also had the second nuts ... the only hand that beats him is 99. They both play the second nuts the same ... went all in hoping they weren't up against the nuts. Why is Teddy given credit for being smarter than Mike McD?

- How did grandma get the nick name grandma?

- Wouldn't Edward Norton make a great Daniel Negreanu in a poker movie movie? The fat guy in the movie Roadhouse could play Todd Brunson. Dennis Quaid could play Ted Forrest.

And ContactGSW had this to say:

Who the fuck cares? Everybody vilifies cheaters but they cum all over themselves about this movie, both characters are cheating smegmatics pos's. The movie gets stupider every time I watch it, which is about 50 times now, I'm really starting to hate it.

...which kind of begs the question why he has watched it 50 times.

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